Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What days do you deliver? 

A: For now, just Friday evenings.

Q: How much is delivery & where do you deliver?

A: Delivery fees range from $5-15 depending on your area. We deliver from as far south as Salem, as far north as Vancouver, as far west as Newberg and as far east as Gresham. 

Q: What can I order my box of goodies? 

A: You can order any time, however, if you want your order by the current Friday, place your order before 4:00pm. 

Q: What happens if I miss the cut off time of 4:00pm? 

A: Your order will be delivered the following Friday, unless other arrangements have been made. 

Q: What if I don't list the flavors I want for certain products in my box? 

A: We will select random flavors from our flavor options. 

Q: How often will the flavor menu change? 

A: We are aiming for at least changing out a few flavors each week. 

Q: Can I just pick out certain things and make my own box? 

A: For right now, this is not an option. Please select one of our boxes. 

Q: Will you add new box options to your store? 

A: We do plan to add new box options to our store as well as remove ones that aren't as popular. If you have a suggestion for a box, please contact us. 

After Hours Delivery